Date: 2016-01-06 01:53 am (UTC)
prophetic: (Default)
From: [personal profile] prophetic

This is so rad!

I love your list. I love photos of lists. Everything about lists is so inspiring to me. Also, I think (if I squint) I can see a work of mine on the list, so that is double hooray.

I totally appreciate and support the work you are doing in the area of getting more comfortable commenting. For me, it's only after years of hearing 'Feedback is love' in fandom that I am starting to believe it, that someone might care to have a comment from little old me.

But on the opposite side, I can definitely empathize with Aka, where a piece of feedback makes your entire day/week/month. And you are absolutely right about the notification that interrupts one's daily routine. To receive that is SO AWESOMELY AWESOME. So I try to remember that side when it feels like my comment is essentially me typing I LIKD UR THING with my elbows because I can't articulate anything. :)

Also (had to go back to my story to check if this was accurate), I remembered replying to a comment you wrote me on Late Night Double Feature Picture Show that I would be returning to your comment to reread it multiple times throughout the day. And that was absolutely what I did. So, that's another data point on how authors experience feedback. <3
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