Jan. 15th, 2016

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Day 13
In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create.

I've decided to rec a few writers who are either new-ish or new to Bandom, videos and two podcasts that are currently taking up all my listening time. *levels up*

For You I Was A Flame by Frais
Pairing:Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz
Summary:Pete thinks about ending it for his own sanity, to stop the heartbreak before it develops, but then Patrick will text him some stupid piece of trivia about the fucking Bermuda Triangle, or a demo of a new song and Pete chickens out. This will be good enough; it will be enough.

Why: Patrick's a musician not looking for anything serious, Pete's a photographer trying to change Patrick's mind about that. Patrick is gender diverse and Pete's a little clumsily enthusiastic about him exactly the way he is. It's beautifully handled. A little angsty, very hot and gorgeous characterizations. This is the first instalment in a trilogy.

Of innocence and experience by euphrasie
Pairing:Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz/Gabe Saporta
Summary: Gabe and Pete hook up on occasion. They need a third person for what they want to try, but Patrick isn't exactly an easy option. Pure filth.\

Why: Don't let the summary fool you, this is an emotionally complex little fic about Gabe and Pete inviting Patrick to have a threesome with them and unforeseen complications. Patrick is a surprisingly assertive little bitch, Pete is an oblivious asshole that mostly means well, and Gabe is everything I love about Gabe. The story is scorchingly hot, surprisingly beautiful and hurty and haunting.

The "Tell Me I'm A Bad Man" Series by LadySmutterella
Pairing:Mikey Way/Frank Iero/Gerard Way
Summary:“You fuck me when you know he’s there,” Frank says. “Do you think he watches?”
“Sometimes.” Mikey’s voice is ruined and he’s clenching around Frank, open and desperate. “I want him to watch. I want him to touch me.”

Why: Gerard likes to watch, Mikey likes Gerard to watch and Frank accidentally gets caught in the middle. It's hot as the motherfucking sun. It's angsty and beautifully nuanced and these boys are so vulnerable and so brave and so safe with each other. (Author has warned for dubcon)

Auralphonic by Dodificus, Jenepod and Paraka
A podcast on podfic by three incredibly talented podficcers and excellent podcast hosts. Hilarious and meta and educational and super inclusive of different views on things. Topics like "Editing," "Tips for Newbies," "Sexy Podfic," "Feedback," etc. I'm not even a podficcer and I'm obsessed with this thing.

/report by Rageprufrock and Mklutz
This podcast feels a little bit like sitting in on an incredibly long dialogue (5 seasons!) between two fanfic-obsessed nerdy besties who support and abuse each other in equal measures. Some episodes are fandom-specific, others revolve around "Tropes," "Character Death," "First Times" and "The Fourth Wall." Excellent guests, brilliant conversations and so many times where I want to jump in and disagree or weigh in because it's just so wonderfully engaging.

Say Crack Again by itsforscience
A series of tiny video snippets set to music. This is just incredible and hilarious and ridiculous and I can't understand why it hasn't gone viral yet. So good.

Fanvid for "Mama" by itsforscience, mainly using clips from Ghost of You, Welcome to the Black Parade and Famous Last Words. It's stunning.

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